Conflict Minerals

One of my favorite – and most thought provoking – NY Times op-ed columnists Nicholas Kristof had an interesting column a couple of weeks ago titled “Death by Gadget in Congo“. The column discusses how the sale of minerals – called “conflict minerals” – used in computers and other high tech gadgetry (e.g. cell phones) […]

UiB’s secret weapon against plagiarism

The University of Bergen (UiB) created a cool video to combat academic plagiarism. It stars amongst others the head of the university library and my former old norse teacher as well as a lot of quotes (of course with references ;-)). Have a look and enjoy! Thanks to Agathe for the link! 🙂

interesting articles

since some may not have noticed, i have not been on facebook since last november. 😀 for those who still want to get a glimpse of newspaper articles i think are interesting and have been reading lately (which i used to post to my facebook wall), there is a remedy – my instapaper starred items […]

NY Times Saturday Profile features DDT’s Iurii Shevchuk

Today’s New York Times featured a Saturday Profile on DDT’s vocalist (and leader) Iurii Shevchuk titled “A Star Keeps Rocking in the Not-So-Free World“. The article gives a short summary of Shevchuck’s biography and primarily deals with his questioning of the current regime as well as the recent question-and-answer session with Vladimir Putin on May […]

Article on Reggae, Ska and Ska-punk in St. Petersburg published on Norient

My article My reggery – Reggae, Ska and Ska-punk in St. Petersburg discussing ska, ska-punk and reggae in St. Petersburg was just published on 🙂

Good Bye, Leningrad

After the special issue of Popular Music and Society on post-soviet popular music was published I was contacted by the movie director and photographer Christine Bachmann who asked if I had heard of the movie “Good Bye, Leningrad” – which I had not. After some technical complications I finally got a review copy of the […]

Aerostat on Russian popular music

Since May 22nd, 2005 Akvarium’s lead singer and front man Boris Grebenshchikov (BG) has hosted the weekly radio show Aerostat on Radio Rossii (these shows are also published and archived as podcasts at While quite broad (and primarily about Western popular music) BG at times also talks about Russian popular music. Besides discussing and […]

NY Times article on menu psychology

The New York Times just published a very interesting article on menu psychology – how menus are designed and layouted to entice costumers to spend money when dining: Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Entice Diners

TOL: Rocka Rolla Women and Rocka Rolla Men

The online journal Transitions Online recently brought a very interesting article on popular music in socialist Bulgaria and what meaning Western bands had for Bulgaria’s inhabitants: Rocka Rolla Women and Rocka Rolla Men.

Keynote and audio files

While Apple’s presentation software Keynote is vastly superior to Powerpoint one of the main limitations of using Keynote (at least for me) has been the fact that the control for sounds embedded in the presentation is quite limited (e.g. if I want to pause or stop a song or interview excerpt during the presentation). The […]

The national anthem lyricist Sergei Mikhalkov (1913-2009)

Among the many links between the Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Russia maybe the national anthem is the most symbolic one – here in the 1977 version sung by the Ukrainian group 5’Nizza live on RenTV shortly after midnight on January 1st, 2004: When Stalin in 1943 wished to replace the “The Internationale” which had until […]