phd_coverthe phd-project titled “transformations in russian popular music of the post-soviet era – case study st. petersburg” explored the popular music scene in st. petersburg (russia). one part of this study focused on local dynamics and discourses exploring how musicians and groups construct their musical identities and their relationship to st. petersburg. another aspect examined how the music in st. petersburg is embedded in global cultural flows linking it to inter alia berlin and the russendisko there.

theoretically this project was inspired by arjun appadurai (-scapes), ulf hannerz (cultural flow) and will straw (scene-theory) and embedded in the intersection between ethnomusicology, popular music studies, cultural studies and music sociology.

my main supervisor was lektor morten bjerregaard michelsen (københavns universitet) and my co-supervisors were lektor annemette kirkegaard (københavns universitet), førsteamanuensis thomas solomon (universitetet i bergen) and førsteamanuensis yngvar b. steinholt (universitetet i tromsø).

my fieldwork was conducted in st. petersburg (2004-2006) and financed by the german academic exchange service (daad). for the writing phase i was employed as a phd fellow at the musicology section of the university of copenhagen. the dissertation titled “окна открой! – open the windows! scenes, transcultural flows, and identity politics in popular music from post-Soviet st. petersburg” was submitted in june and successfully defended in september 2009. a revised version of the thesis titled “‘okna otkroi! – ‘open the windows!’ – transcultural flows and identity politics in the st. petersburg music scene” can be ordered directly from the publisher ibidem or through A second, revised edition titled “Rocking St. Petersburg – Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in Post-Soviet Popular Music” was published in 2014 and can be ordered through the publishers ibidem or Columbia University Press.

for more details, please read the abstract (english / norwegian). at (in german), humanist (in norwegian/danish), mannheimer morgen (in german) and moskauer deutsche zeitung (in german) you can read interviews with me about the project.

a list of concerts visited during my field work and phd-related entries in my blog.

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