what am i doing now?

i am currently in mannheim (germany) working full-time and focusing on the following projects & activities (last updated: 06.10.2019):


i have very limited resources for other projects.

current research & teaching projects

  • eurovision song contest in the post-soviet area
  • what is world music
  • history of film music
  • introduction to popular music studies
  • musics of the world
  • popular music history survey
  • fieldwork methodology

current publication projects

  • article on shifts in post-soviet russian popular music – editing stage
  • co-authored aec-handbook on diversity in higher music education – editing stage
  • an edited book project on popular music in germany – editing stage
  • encyclopedia entry on the soviet rock group “alisa” – editing stage

at the moment i am not accepting any more publication projects.

personal projects

  • parenting
  • teaching myself 5-string banjo
  • photography (and some dark room dabbling)
  • fishing
  • cooking

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