picture of david-emil

being an austrian-american norwegian with swedish ancestors having lived and worked in norway, austria, usa, russia and denmark i currently reside in germany. here i am a professor for popular music history at the popakademie baden-württemberg where i am also responsible for the bachelor degree programs “pop music design” and “world music” as well as for the library.

my academic interests span from norwegian traditional music to post-soviet popular music. my numerous academic publications include two monographs: rocking st. petersburg – transcultural flows and identity politics in post-soviet popular music (published in 2014) and “a war of songs – popular music and recent russia-ukraine relations” (co-authored with arve hansen, andrei rogatchevski and yngvar steinholt and published 2019). for more details about my professional background see my cv.

after having been active as a trumpet player (the bands have included, among others, svoбода, hotel desperado, tubalkain and aupair outrair) for over two decades my main musical focus currently is on bluegrass banjo. in addition my hobbies include photography and cooking.

you can also visit me on twitter, on linkedin and on instagram.