NY Times Saturday Profile features DDT’s Iurii Shevchuk

Today’s New York Times featured a Saturday Profile on DDT’s vocalist (and leader) Iurii Shevchuk titled “A Star Keeps Rocking in the Not-So-Free World“. The article gives a short summary of Shevchuck’s biography and primarily deals with his questioning of the current regime as well as the recent question-and-answer session with Vladimir Putin on May 29th, 2010. The whole event can be seen at the site of the Russian prime minister which also features a a complete transcript. Shevchuk’s exchange with Putin can also be seen here (in Russian):

Right after the incident Radio Liberty posted a short interview with Shevchuck titled “What Would You Ask Putin? Rock Veteran Shevchuk Makes Most Of Rare Opportunity“. Finally, for a more detailed discussion of the song “Kogda zakonchitsia neft’” (“When the oil stops/runs out”) see my previous post “Bleeping DDT’s Kogda zakonchitsia neft’“.

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