Book cover "War of Songs"

Book “War of Songs – Popular Music and Recent Russia-Ukraine Relations” published

When we, Andrei Rogatchevski, Yngvar B. Steinholt, Arve Hansen and I, submitted our abstracts for a panel at the 2017 IASPM conference in Kassel we just wanted to present some uses of popular music during conflict. The response to our papers on the role that popular music played during the recent (and ongoing) Russian-Ukrainian conflict…Continue reading Book “War of Songs – Popular Music and Recent Russia-Ukraine Relations” published

Mailbox (Piter-4)

While walking through St. Petersburg I also came across this mailbox which seems to be the new mailbox standard except for stating that it is not part of the Russian postal service. 😉 Taken with my Nikon FE and Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AI on Kodak TriX.

Пискарёвское Кладбище

While looking for Arkadii Severnii’s grave we also visited the Piskariovskoe kladbishche. Besides the mass graves commemorating the deaths of civilians and soldiers who died in Leningrad there is also a small cemetery for the people who lived in the area. This grave is from that part of the cemetery. Taken with my D700 and…Continue reading Пискарёвское Кладбище

400 years Romanov dynasty

Russia has since the fall of the Soviet Union been reconfiguring their nation building. One aspect has been to re-embrace the Romanov dynasty as this billboard commemorating 400 years of the Romanovs shows. Taken during my morning jog with my Canon S95.

Mailbox (Piter – 3)

While in St. Petersburg I saw another version of a Russian mailbox – this one was located in New Holland. Taken with my D700 and Nikon 20-35mm 2.8.

Gorsheniov’s grave

While visiting Tsoi’s grave I also passed the grave of the recently deceased Mikhail “Gorshok” Gorsheniov (1973–2013) who passed away a month before my visit to the cemetery. He was the vocalist of the St. Petersburg based band “Korol’ i Shut”, one of the big Post-Soviet bands. Taken with my D700 and Nikon 20-35mm 2.8.

Tsoi’s grave

One of the disadvantages of doing research on Post-Soviet popular music (as well as with musicians in general) is that a lot of central musicians died (and still die) at a young age – like Viktor Tsoi (1962-1990), the vocalist of the Soviet group Kino. Tsoi, however, remains in the memory of his fans –…Continue reading Tsoi’s grave

Warning, squirrels

While out at the Центральный парк культуры и отдыха имени С.М. Кирова last Saturday a sign at the park entrance warned us of the ferocious squirrels. We saw squirrels in abundance, however they seemed to be quite tame. 😉 Picture taken with my Canon S95.

Спасибо деду за победу!

World War II still retains a central place in Post-Soviet life – like this slogan on the back of a Ford in St. Petersburg: “Spasibo dedu za pobedu” (Thank you Grandpa for the victory). Taken with my D700 and Nikon 50mm 1.8

Pussy Riot Concert

While in Berlin last month I passed by this poster for a concert in support of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot. Taken with my Canon S95. For more Berlin pictures check out

“Das Regime und die Dandys” – book on russkii shanson

This summer I by coincidence saw that a book had been published about russkii shanson or blatnye pesni. Heard prominently on the streets of Russian cities this music has until now been academically neglected and this is to my knowledge the first monograph on the topic. Titled “Das Regime und die Dandys – Russische Gaunerchansons…Continue reading “Das Regime und die Dandys” – book on russkii shanson

My phd “Okna otkroi!” finally published

A revised version of my phd-dissertation with the title “‘Okna otkroi! – ‘Open the Windows!’ – Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in the St. Petersburg Music Scene” was published last week in the series “Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society” edited by Andreas Umland. I am very honored to have a super foreword written by…Continue reading My phd “Okna otkroi!” finally published