Mailbox - Goritsy

Russian mailboxes – gallery

After the photoblogseries of Russian mailboxes here’s a gallery and a rapid summary of the mailboxes. The predominant part of the pictures were taken during a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg (and I hope to do a blog post on that trip in the not so distant future). The first stop was Uglich which if you are a Musorgskii-fan is central in the Boris Godunov-story (the heir to the Russian throne after Ivan the Terrible, Dmitri died/was murdered in Uglich and Boris Godunov is by some seen to have instigated the murder so he could take the throne). Anyway, the first mailbox was photographed there:

Russian mailbox - Uglich
Russian mailbox Uglich

The next stop was Iaroslavl’ which didn’t feature any interesting mailboxes but the following city, Goritsy featured two:

Russian mailbox - Goritsy
Russian mailbox - Goritsy
Mailbox - Goritsy
Russian mailbox Goritsy

The next day we stopped on the beautiful island of Kizhi which has a very interesting wooden church – and mailbox:

Mailbox - Kizhi
Russian mailbox Kizhi

The last two mailboxes are from St. Petersburg – both from my most recent trip in August of this year:

Russian mailbox
Russian mailbox St. Petersburg
Russian mailbox (Piter 2)
Russian mailbox St. Petersburg)

And that completes the Russian mailbox series for now.

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