My phd “Okna otkroi!” finally published

A revised version of my phd-dissertation with the title “‘Okna otkroi! – ‘Open the Windows!’ – Transcultural Flows and Identity Politics in the St. Petersburg Music Scene” was published last week in the series “Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society” edited by Andreas Umland. I am very honored to have a super foreword written by…Continue reading My phd “Okna otkroi!” finally published

New pictures from the past couple of months

I finally finished going through the pictures I took during the last couple of months. First a couple of pictures from my Berlin visit last December: In May I went on a very short trip to one of my old “home” towns, Mannheim, as well as Frankfurt (where I met Yogi for dinner): Right after…Continue reading New pictures from the past couple of months

Berlin, Obama and Russendisko

i just spent 2 1/2/ weeks vacationing in berlin. while primarily uneventful, i did attend obama’s speech at the siegessäule – which was kind of disappointing. after reading about his charisma and aim to overcome partisan divides the reality presented an eloquent politician giving a well formulated speech which main message was for everybody to…Continue reading Berlin, Obama and Russendisko