Eldridge Street Synagogue

The Eldridge Street Synagogue together with the Chinese population living around the synagogue arranged the street fair “Egg Rolls and Egg Creams Festival” – including the possibility of visiting the synagogue. This interior was taken from the synagogue’s balcony with my D700 and 16mm 2.8.

Nazi extermination in Russia

A new Russian site focuses on the Nazi extermination of Jews living within the borders of Russia during World War 2. Unlike countries using concentrations camps the form of extermination here was through executions on the spot which made the process easier to “overlook” (plus it was not really included in the collective Soviet memory).…Continue reading Nazi extermination in Russia

Rosh Hashanah recipes

Searching for good (almost) vegetarian recipes for Rosh Hashanah I stumbled across several interesting sites: In a Vegetarian Kitchen has a menu for Rosh Hashanah with Challah (Jewish Egg Bread), Seven-Vegetable Couscous, Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes and Honey Cake Chabad is also sometimes good – they have four menus for Rosh Hashanah on their…Continue reading Rosh Hashanah recipes