Back from Copenhagen I was inspired by Agathe to make Rabarberhorn – while rhubarb still was available. Was very yummy! 😉 Taken with my D700 and Tamron 90mm 2.8. Here are some more pictures from the baking process:

Latte art

Continuing the topic from my previous post, this was the cappuccino I got at the The Coffee Collective. Very good coffee – the latte art heart matches the taste! 😉 Taken with my Nikon FE and 50 mm 1.8 Series E lens on Kodak Tri-X.

Gourmet Coffee

While in Copenhagen for the Researching Music Censorship-Conference I had coffee at a new coffee shop – The Coffee Collective. Great coffee and dedicated to brewing a great cup – as can be seen in this picture. The baristas are very meticulous regarding the details (pre-warming the cups, filters etc.). Taken with my Nikon FE…Continue reading Gourmet Coffee

New York – Watching the cabs go by

Taken at the MoMa this picture of my Cappuccino demonstrates a normal New York streetscape: cabs. Taken with my Canon S95. Here are more of my New York pictures:

Flogathe visiting

Flogathe came to visit and got not only coffee, but also carrot cake: 😉

NY Times article on menu psychology

The New York Times just published a very interesting article on menu psychology – how menus are designed and layouted to entice costumers to spend money when dining: Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Entice Diners

Why drink Danish beer in Russia?

Somehow I seem followed by Danish beer here in Russia. Yesterday, when I opened the fridge at the Norwegian University Center, a can of Tuborg smiled back at me. And on the Marshrutka going home two men were drinking beer – one had a bottle of Carlsberg and the other a bottle of Tuborg. But…Continue reading Why drink Danish beer in Russia?

Food: Cooking For Engineers

While looking for a Tsatsiki-recipe I stumbled upon this site, which seems quite cool: Cooking For Engineers – Step by Step Recipes and Food for the Analytically Minded.

Greenpeace’s Sea the future

Eating fish is not necessarily better for than the environment than meat, especially through the risk of overfishing. Greenpeace Denmark has a new campaign called “Sea the future” which focuses on the dangers of overfishing. See also the article “For få sælger bæredygtige fisk” in today’s Politiken – especially for a list of supermarkets which…Continue reading Greenpeace’s Sea the future

Rosh Hashanah recipes

Searching for good (almost) vegetarian recipes for Rosh Hashanah I stumbled across several interesting sites: In a Vegetarian Kitchen has a menu for Rosh Hashanah with Challah (Jewish Egg Bread), Seven-Vegetable Couscous, Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes and Honey Cake Chabad is also sometimes good – they have four menus for Rosh Hashanah on their…Continue reading Rosh Hashanah recipes

coffee time

there’s a good tea & coffee shop right next to where we live in gentofte called teSelskabet. their coffee is roasted at kontra kaffe which also roasts the coffee for the best cafe (and good travel book store) around my office – tranquebar (named after the former danish colony in what is now india). while…Continue reading coffee time