Russia pictures

We spent August in St. Petersburg on vacation and took some pictures. For Nastia’s birthday we took a walk through the city:

The Peter & Paul Fortress is where St. Petersburg was founded (and also a nice place to visit):

Vyborg, founded by the Swedes, has belonged to Sweden, Russia, Finnland – and now Russia is about 2 hours away from St. Petersburg and definitively worth a trip:

One of my two major excursions from St. Petersburg was to Samara (the other one was to Sweden) which was one of the centers of the Soviet space industry (and the emergency capital if Moscow had seriously been threatened in WW2):

A trip to St. Petersburg is incomplete without at least one visit to my good friend Andrei – during one evening we decided to indulge in our favorite, vodka and good food! 😉

New Holland, which used to be closed off, was opened for the public so we took a walk over there for some pictures:

There was an art installation there which I filmed:

Finally, here are some random shots from the city:

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