Article about ethnic Germans at TOL

As I briefly mentioned in a previous post (“Who are ‘die Russen’ currently living in Germany?”) one area where a lot of ethnic Germans migrated to Germany from was Kazakhstan. I should have written the former Central-Asian Soviet republics because a large community also ended up in Kyrgyzstan. I mention this since the highly recommendable online magazine Transition online (TOL) just published a short but interesting article on the remaining ethnic Germans living in Kyrgyzstan: Exodus Over, Ethnic Germans Cling to Traditions. The author gives some background information and interviews both remaining ethnic Germans living in the village Rot-Front as well as teachers from Germany teaching there. The article also briefly mentions the transcultural flows which appeared due to migration between Kyrgyzstan and Germany.
Transition online is, by the way, also highly recommendable for those interested in following cultural, societal and political developments in the former communist countries in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

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