Eurovision as a new battlefield in the Russian-Georgian war

After the short, but intense military conflict in Georgia last summer the Georgian-Russian conflict which started after the Rose Revolution 2003 has been transported back to Russia – to Moscow and the 2009 Eurovision competition. Unlike some other Eastern European groups (Ruslana…) Georgia’s Stephane and 3G with the song “We Don’t Wanna Put In” decided to do away with elements of folklore and use a cheesy 1970s/80s disco style including a fake mustache and fake sideburns. While the style is debatable on grounds of taste (well, the whole Eurovision is debatable on grounds of taste…) the lyrics of the refrain are what stir the conflict:

“We don’t wanna put in a negative move, is killing the groove.
I”m going to try to shoot in some Disco tonight, Boogie the groove.”

Here “put in” allures to Putin, the Russian president – and the word rhymes quite well with “shoot”:

This is not the first time political conflicts are performed at the Eurovision. Greendzholi’s “RAzom NAs BAhato” which was an unofficial anthem during the Orange Revolution was Ukraine’s 2005 contribution. First the official version:

And here their performance at the Eurovision 2005 (note the big Russian flags being waved…):

Furthermore, Ukraine’s most known transvestite Verka Serduchka’s “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” at the 2007 Eurovision caused some irritation in Russia since some politicians did not quite believe that Lasha Tumbai is Mongolian for milkshake (Verka’s official explanation). Instead they heard “Russia goodbye”… But judge for yourself (taped from Russian television…):

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