succulents planted

after a month of planning, shopping for equipment (very frustrating here in copenhagen) and ordering seeds (although a little slow, succseed has a good selection of cacti and succulent seeds and deliver by mail) i finally planted the first batch with the following plants:

  • Agave utahensis v. kaibabensis (W Cameron, AZ)
  • Cereus aethiops
  • Cereus peruvianus
  • Lithops coleorum
  • Lithops fransisci C 140
  • Lithops karasmontana (W of Grnau)
  • Lithops lesliei v. mariae C141
  • Lithops optica ´maculate´ (E Bogensfels)
  • Lithops schwantesii v. marthae H4886
  • Opuntia phaeacantha DJF 970.18 (Fremont Co, CO)
  • Pleiospilos bolusii

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