Article “Ukro-Ska-Punk” finally published

Finally my article “‘Ukro-Ska-Punk’ – Band Identity, Surzhik and Language in Post-Soviet Russia” on Svoboda’s use of surzhik and Ukrainian stereotypes in St. Petersburg has been published – my first foray into linguistics. 😉 After the editor of the first book project this article was supposed to appear in disappeared the article found a welcome new…Continue reading Article “Ukro-Ska-Punk” finally published

Article on Reggae, Ska and Ska-punk in St. Petersburg published on Norient

My article My reggery – Reggae, Ska and Ska-punk in St. Petersburg discussing ska, ska-punk and reggae in St. Petersburg was just published on 🙂

Berlin, Obama and Russendisko

i just spent 2 1/2/ weeks vacationing in berlin. while primarily uneventful, i did attend obama’s speech at the siegessäule – which was kind of disappointing. after reading about his charisma and aim to overcome partisan divides the reality presented an eloquent politician giving a well formulated speech which main message was for everybody to…Continue reading Berlin, Obama and Russendisko