Article “Ukro-Ska-Punk” finally published

Unsichtbare Landschaften
Unsichtbare Landschaften
Finally my article “‘Ukro-Ska-Punk’ – Band Identity, Surzhik and Language in Post-Soviet Russia” on Svoboda’s use of surzhik and Ukrainian stereotypes in St. Petersburg has been published – my first foray into linguistics. 😉

After the editor of the first book project this article was supposed to appear in disappeared the article found a welcome new home in Giacomo Bottà’s nice edited book “Unsichtbare Landschaften / Invisible Landscapes” published by Waxmann 2016:

Wickström, David-Emil. 2016. ‘Ukro-Ska-Punk’ – Band Identity, Surzhik and Language in Post-Soviet Russia. In Unsichtbare Landschaften – Populäre Musik und Räumlichkeit, edited by Giacomo Bottà, 127-43. Münster, New York: Waxmann.

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