November sunflower

This year must have been way too warm – I passed by a sunflower in full blossom today across the street from my apartment… Taken with my Fuji x100t

David on a bench

David and his family came to visit last week. We spent a day in Luisenpark where he took a rest on a bench. Taken with my Contax T and Ilford Delta 400 (home-developed).

John Deere Birds

On my way to work I pass the Mannheim John Deere tractor factory. On one of the signal boxes a pair of birds appeared a couple of weeks ago. Taken with my Canon S95.

Heart of Stone

While biking home I encountered the heart of stone during sunset. Shot with my Canon S95.

The Queen of Jungbusch

The same morning that the picture last week was taken I also came across this altered traffic sign. Taken with my S95

The King of Jungbusch

On my way to work a couple of weeks ago I saw this slightly altered traffic sign. Taken with my S95

Jan Andreas visiting

Jan Andreas spent some days visiting Mannheim, Worms and Heidelberg:


Caught Gagey practicing the guitar last week on my way home from work. Here’s a short musical clip: Both taken with my Canon S95. The complete gallery:

Hot Chick Banged’s record release

During the Popakademie’s summer camp the band “Hot Chick Banged” released their first CD. Here are some pictures from the event:

Flogathe visiting

Flogathe came to visit and got not only coffee, but also carrot cake: 😉

Window bell

Now this is a cool concept: A door bell next to the window at a local restaurant (Gasthaus) in Mannheim. Taken with my D700 and Tamron 90mm f2.8.

Paper-mâché Man

This Paper-mâché Man greeted Ella and me one morning on our way to kindergarten. Taken with my Canon S95