Den blå planet

While in Copenhagen we visited the newly opened Blå Planet – the recently relocated city aquarium. Taken with my D700 and 20-35mm 2.8.

Shadow bike

While walking to Østerport to catch the train to the airport we passed by this bike shadow. Taken with my Nikon FE and 50 mm 1.8 Series E lens on Kodak Tri-X.

Latte art

Continuing the topic from my previous post, this was the cappuccino I got at the The Coffee Collective. Very good coffee – the latte art heart matches the taste! 😉 Taken with my Nikon FE and 50 mm 1.8 Series E lens on Kodak Tri-X.

Gourmet Coffee

While in Copenhagen for the Researching Music Censorship-Conference I had coffee at a new coffee shop – The Coffee Collective. Great coffee and dedicated to brewing a great cup – as can be seen in this picture. The baristas are very meticulous regarding the details (pre-warming the cups, filters etc.). Taken with my Nikon FE…Continue reading Gourmet Coffee

Say hi to Mr. Okapi

During a recent visit to the Copenhagen Zoo we also saw some Okapis – this picture being my favorite from that visit. Since visiting a Zoo entails being behind a fence (or other form of barrier) my Nikon 70-300mm was a good tool, enabling me to capture the Okapi at the lens’ longest focal length.

Copenhagen botanical garden

Botanical Garden

Here are some pictures from a recent visit to the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen: