Airplane turbulence

As someone who has been flying (as a passenger) since he was 6 weeks old I enjoy flying a lot and am always surprised how scared people get during a little turbulence. The airline pilot Patrick Smith, author of Salon’s “Ask the pilot“, recently published two articles on turbulence (“Turbulence: Things that go bump in […]

UiB’s secret weapon against plagiarism

The University of Bergen (UiB) created a cool video to combat academic plagiarism. It stars amongst others the head of the university library and my former old norse teacher as well as a lot of quotes (of course with references ;-)). Have a look and enjoy! Thanks to Agathe for the link! 🙂

interesting articles

since some may not have noticed, i have not been on facebook since last november. 😀 for those who still want to get a glimpse of newspaper articles i think are interesting and have been reading lately (which i used to post to my facebook wall), there is a remedy – my instapaper starred items […]

NY Times article on menu psychology

The New York Times just published a very interesting article on menu psychology – how menus are designed and layouted to entice costumers to spend money when dining: Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Entice Diners

Blizhnee zarubezh’e – The Near Abroad

The “The Near Abroad” (Blizhnee zarubezh’e) is often used when referring to the former Soviet Republics from a Russian perspective and which Russia considers its sphere of influence. Looking for a definition of the term for my dissertation I came across this interesting article written by William Safire in 1994: ON LANGUAGE; The Near Abroad

Why drink Danish beer in Russia?

Somehow I seem followed by Danish beer here in Russia. Yesterday, when I opened the fridge at the Norwegian University Center, a can of Tuborg smiled back at me. And on the Marshrutka going home two men were drinking beer – one had a bottle of Carlsberg and the other a bottle of Tuborg. But […]

Website: Budget Travellers Guide to Sleeping in Airports

Not only has air travel become more of a hassle, but public transportation to the airport can also be a problem (as I experienced during my trip to Oxford 2 weeks ago). The site The Budget Travellers Guide to Sleeping in Airports offers some help by giving advice (including a ranking of the 10 best […]