Two weeks ago I was in Minsk for the workshop Popakademie Minsk – School of Pop organized by the Goethe Institut Minsk. Together with Martin Lücke I spent a day talking about popular music education covering both music business as well as the higher education of musicians and songwriters (cf. euroradio.fm/ru/shou-biznes-v-germanii-kak-v-maynhayme-gotovyat-pop-zvezd-i-prodyuserov for an article about the workshop and euroradio.fm/ru/repesnyary-vozvrashchenie-voytyushkevicha-i-pesnyary-v-rok-klube-foto for some pictures from the evening concert).
The second day Martin and I grabbed the opportunity to do some sightseeing. My Minsk pics can seen here:

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