Severnii’s grave

Another musician who passed away at an early age is Arkadii Severnii (aka as Arkadii Zvezdin – 1939-1980) – an influential performer within what has become known as the russkii shanson tradition (Uli Hufen wrote a good book on russkii shanson with a long chapter on Severnyi – my mini review of the book is on this blog). Severnii’s grave is located at the cemetery next to the St. Petersburg crematorium. According to a worker at the crematorium who had been to Severnii’s burial his grave is one of the first graves with a proper tombstone on the territory of the crematorium. The worker also told us that the upright tombstone was added later by Severnii’s daughter (note that that tombstone only has his artist pseudonym). Taken with my D700 and Nikon 20-35mm 2.8.

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