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The popular music scholar Philip Tagg has compiled information on how to file a counter claim if one of your movies is removed by youtube due to copyright complaints which are unwarranted. It can be found here: YouTube Counter Claims, etc.. The page also has a link to the article “Copyright versus the democratic right to know” which discusses the problems copyright creates for academic research and publishing.
A highly recommendable book for more information on music and copyright is
Frith, Simon; Marshall, Lee (eds.): “Music and Copyright”, 2nd edition, Edinburgh (Edinburgh University Press) 2004
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  1. I completely agree with Tagg’s article. That’s one of the reasons because I provocatively say I’m “against the copyright”.
    In Italy SIAE, the Italian Society of Authors and Editors, is probably the worst one in all the world (I fear I’m not exagerating). Instead of doing the interests of the authors, they are nothing but a big burden to them, expecially for the young and not famous ones.

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