Conflict Minerals

One of my favorite – and most thought provoking – NY Times op-ed columnists Nicholas Kristof had an interesting column a couple of weeks ago titled “Death by Gadget in Congo“. The column discusses how the sale of minerals – called “conflict minerals” – used in computers and other high tech gadgetry (e.g. cell phones)…Continue reading Conflict Minerals

Keynote and audio files

While Apple’s presentation software Keynote is vastly superior to Powerpoint one of the main limitations of using Keynote (at least for me) has been the fact that the control for sounds embedded in the presentation is quite limited (e.g. if I want to pause or stop a song or interview excerpt during the presentation). The…Continue reading Keynote and audio files

mini macro studio

a couple of months ago i mentioned two diy-macro studios and today i finally got a chance to try one of them. here are the results (taken from my flickr page):

digital fieldwork

i have been considering doing interviews over the computer, but have been looking for a good (and simple) program to use with skype and ichat. a friend recommended wiretap pro which i have been testing during the last days. not only can it be used to tape conversations (both what you say and the one…Continue reading digital fieldwork

Simpsonize Me

you can create your own simpson replica at Simpsonize Me. just look at the similarity between the figure and me 😉

new group blog on (post) soviet popular music

together with sergio mazzanti i have started a group blog on (post) soviet popular music. the idea is to collect people doing research on (post) soviet popular music within different fields and create a communal blog on the subject. the blog is located at if you read this and want to be included as…Continue reading new group blog on (post) soviet popular music

computer presentations

the ny times tech-columist david pogue wrote an interesting blog entry on the use of computer presentations (like keynote or powerpoint): Pogue’s Posts – Using PowerPoint With Discretion. in the comments there were some useful links. one is an online tutorial from baruch college on preparing and giving a presentation: Effective Use of PowerPoint: Online…Continue reading computer presentations

web design

here are two interesting sites on “contemporary” webdesign: Current style in web design and Web 2.0 how-to design guide.

first post

and here we go. after extensively surfing the net and spending saturday evening with rapidweaver (very impressed by it’s blog implementation, however the program didn’t suit my needs 🙁 ) i finally found a blog solution which i liked: wordpress. wordpress enables me to incorporate the blog in my webpage (which will get a face…Continue reading first post