Russian mailboxes – gallery

After the photoblogseries of Russian mailboxes here’s a gallery and a rapid summary of the mailboxes. The predominant part of the pictures were taken during a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg (and I hope to do a blog post on that trip in the not so distant future). The first stop was Uglich […]

Mailbox (Piter – 2)

And for the – at least for now – final Russian mailbox. This one provides yet another mailbox form-factor.

Mailbox (Piter – 1)

Back in St. Petersburg this mailbox provides an example of the standard design. Note that the logo still is the Soviet hammer and sickle.

The Streets of St. Petersburg

During my last visit to St. Petersburg the weather was so nice (and hot…) that I managed to spend two days shooting what I like the most – street details and concert announcements. 😉 Here are the results:

Andrei Ivanov

A picture of my good friend and fellow musician Andrei taken in a St. Petersburg cafe not far from Moskovskii Vokzal. The picture itself is taken in 2009 with my favorite portrait lens (Tamron 90mm f2.8) on my D700 with an off-camera flash firing through a soft box (Lumiquest SoftBox III). For another picture of […]

Good Bye, Leningrad

After the special issue of Popular Music and Society on post-soviet popular music was published I was contacted by the movie director and photographer Christine Bachmann who asked if I had heard of the movie “Good Bye, Leningrad” – which I had not. After some technical complications I finally got a review copy of the […]