Article “My Pravoslavnye: Russkii rok, Orthodoxy and nationalism in post-Soviet Russia” published

An area I have been thinking about for a long time is the relationship between music and religion in Russia. I have touched on this in my research before, but not explicitly focused on it. When Andreas Häger contacted me about writing an article for a planned book on popular music and religion in 2015 […]

Of spectacles and marmots – Televizor’s Ochki

The group Televizor (Television) based around its vocalist Mikhail Borzykin has been around since 1984 and can be considered the 3rd generation of Leningrad Rock Club bands. The group’s first album “Shestvie Ryb” (Fish parade) was released in 1985, followed by “Otechestvo illiuzii” (Fatherland of illusion) in 1987. The latter album included the song “Tvoi […]