Mailbox (Piter-4)

While walking through St. Petersburg I also came across this mailbox which seems to be the new mailbox standard except for stating that it is not part of the Russian postal service. 😉 Taken with my Nikon FE and Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AI on Kodak TriX.

Mailbox (Piter – 3)

While in St. Petersburg I saw another version of a Russian mailbox – this one was located in New Holland. Taken with my D700 and Nikon 20-35mm 2.8.

Mailbox - Goritsy

Russian mailboxes – gallery

After the photoblogseries of Russian mailboxes here’s a gallery and a rapid summary of the mailboxes. The predominant part of the pictures were taken during a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg (and I hope to do a blog post on that trip in the not so distant future). The first stop was Uglich…Continue reading Russian mailboxes – gallery

Russian mailbox (Piter 2)

Mailbox (Piter – 2)

And for the – at least for now – final Russian mailbox. This one provides yet another mailbox form-factor.

Russian mailbox

Mailbox (Piter – 1)

Back in St. Petersburg this mailbox provides an example of the standard design. Note that the logo still is the Soviet hammer and sickle.

Mailbox - Kizhi

Russian mailbox (Kizhi)

The charming island of Kizhi featured yet another mailbox design.

Mailbox - Goritsy

Russian mailbox (Goritsy – 2)

Goritsy had two different kinds of mailboxes and here is a picture of the other one (this one being in form similar to the one in Uglich).

Russian mailbox - Goritsy

Russian mailbox (Goritsy – 1)

Continuing the series of Russian mailboxes is a mailbox from the village Goritsy.

Russian mailbox - Uglich

Russian mailbox (Uglich)

While living in Russia I was struck by the fact that the Russian postal service used different mailboxes and I decided to take a picture of some of them. This one was taken in Uglich while on a river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg.