Halloween pumpkins

Walking through Manhattan last Saturday I saw a lot of pumpkins with nice carvings ready for Halloween – like these. Taken with my Fuji x100t.

Call of the peacock

While visiting the FEZ this peacock decided to give a shout-out to us. 😉 Taken with my D700 and 85mm 1.4 lens

Warhol’s banana

During our visit to see the cherry blossoms in Schwetzingen we passed by Andy Warhol’s banana used on the Velvet Underground’s debut album “The Velvet Underground & Nico”. Taken with my Fuji x100t.

Prairie dog

The Wuhlheide has a small zoo with an outdoor prairie dog terrarium. This prairie dog was admiring his/her painted equivalent. Taken with my D700 and 85mm 1.4.

Eurovision Park Contest

Vienna is gearing up for the Eurovision Song Contest – so much that they also created a Eurovision Park Contest. 😉 Taken with my Fuji x100t.

Austrian mailbox

Continuing the series of mailboxes here’s an Austrian specimen with some interesting stickers from my recent trip to Vienna. Taken with my x100t.

Für Party ohne Patriotismus

I came across this sticker drawing on pop cultural references while waking home: Quoting Major Strasser’s question “What is your nationality?” and Rick’s answer “I am a drunkard.” from the movie Casablanca the sticker adds “For party without patriotism!” Taken with my X100t.

Japanese Cherry blossom

We took the first bike trip of the year to Schwetzingen to see the Japanese Cherry (Prunus serrulata) blossom (the castle’s website has series of pictures with the blossoms: www.schloss-schwetzingen.de/besucherinformation/besuchserlebnis/bluehbarometer). Taken with my x100t.

L’Hemisfèric at dusk

Continuing on last week’s dusk theme this picture of L’Hemisfèric was taken in València while walking back to my hotel after the AEC PJP-Platform meeting. Taken with my Fuji x100t.

Intrepid sunset

Rounding off the day at the Intrepid was this sunset at the stern of the aircraft carrier overlooking the Hudson river. Taken with my D700 and Nikon 20-35mm 2.8

Albanese Meats & Poultry

Walking home from the Tenement museum we passed this store front – I wonder what is so special about Albanese Meats & Poultry… Taken with my Fuji 100t.


Heading back uptown we passed this love-filled brick wall. Taken with my Fuji x100t.