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Severnii’s grave

Another musician who passed away at an early age is Arkadii Severnii (aka as Arkadii Zvezdin – 1939-1980) – an influential performer within what has become known as the russkii shanson tradition (Uli Hufen wrote a good book on russkii shanson … Continue reading

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Gorsheniov’s grave

While visiting Tsoi’s grave I also passed the grave of the recently deceased Mikhail “Gorshok” Gorsheniov (1973–2013) who passed away a month before my visit to the cemetery. He was the vocalist of the St. Petersburg based band “Korol’ i … Continue reading

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Tsoi’s grave

One of the disadvantages of doing research on Post-Soviet popular music (as well as with musicians in general) is that a lot of central musicians died (and still die) at a young age – like Viktor Tsoi (1962-1990), the vocalist … Continue reading

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Andrei Ivanov

A picture of my good friend and fellow musician Andrei taken in a St. Petersburg cafe not far from Moskovskii Vokzal. The picture itself is taken in 2009 with my favorite portrait lens (Tamron 90mm f2.8) on my D700 with … Continue reading

Vigdal’s Tonereise

In my master’s thesis Signifyin’ Vigdal: Aspects of the Ragnar Vigdal tradition and the revival of Norwegian vocal folk music which I finished in 2003 my main point of focus was the Ragnar Vigdal tradition and how vocalists today interpret … Continue reading

back in piter

I’m back in Piter for the year-end-vacation after a break of a year and a half and places, as always, change. Some changes are induced by collective destruction – the lack of snow in St. Petersburg now is probably to … Continue reading

digital fieldwork

i have been considering doing interviews over the computer, but have been looking for a good (and simple) program to use with skype and ichat. a friend recommended wiretap pro which i have been testing during the last days. not … Continue reading